5 steps to setup an online houseplant store on DearPlant

November 21, 2022

Are you the proud owner of plants and interested in selling some of them?  If so, DearPlant.com is the right place for you, and if you follow this guide, you will have your store up and running in no time.

Step 1: create an account with shop name and URL

Start by creating a store by clicking on Open Store on the front page or menu at the top of the page. A Register page will appear, enter your email address, and click I am a vendor. Fill out the needed information and decide on a Shop Name. Simply click on the Shop URL box and your chosen store name will appear. The generated URL is directly for your store so you can send it around to whoever you want to visit your store.

Once having read and agreed to Terms and Conditions, click Register. You will now have to confirm your email address and generate your password.

Once having done this, you will be asked to fill out the Store Setup with your address, so buyers searching in their local community can find you. Buyers won’t be able to see your exact address for security and privacy reasons.

Step 2: Set up Stripe payments

By using Stripe, we ensure your information is in safe hands and all the financial infrastructure is on point, so you can enjoy selling your plants without worrying about payment method.

Store setup Stripe DearPlant

After having completed the Store Setup, you will be taken to Payment Setup. Clicking on Connect with Stripe will take you straight to Stripe’s website. Follow their instructions and you are ready to receive payments through them. Alternatively, if you prefer to be paid in cash, skip this step.

If you don’t want to set up a Stripe account, your customers can still buy your products as they will have the option at checkout to pay in cash at handover. It will then be your responsibility to ensure you have received the agreed amount.

Step 3: Customise your shop

As a seller on DearPlant, you get the opportunity to design your own store and build a brand for yourself. To do so, go to Dashboard, click on Settings, which should automatically take you to your Store. Here, you can add banner, profile picture and biography. Having a complete store profile will encourage buyers to pick your store and get in contact with you. Click Update Settings to save your changes.

Banner DearPlant 1

Step 4: Add plants to open your store

Now for the fun part. As before, start on your Dashboard, go to Products and click Add new product. If it is your first product, the option will be on the middle of the page. If second or more, the option of adding a new plant will be at top above your product(s). The pop-up box is the initial product information. Start by adding product name, price, images (one cover image and as many gallery images you want), category and a short description. More information can be added once you click Create product.

Once you click Create product, you will get the opportunity you write a longer description of your product. For instance, how you kept the plant, looked after it and so on. Additionally, you can add Attribute, which allow the buyer to quickly see what the plant needs (light, water) alongside delivery options, benefits, and size.

Another important part of creating a product is Inventory in case you have more than 1 of the same plant you want to sell. Simply change the Stock quantity. Once complete, click Save Product at the bottom of the page.

Create product DearPlant

Step 5: Complete an order

Once you receive news on email and/or text about an order, do the following steps:

  1. Get in contact with your buyer by doing the following: On your Dashboard, click Order followed by Order (number). Here, you can see comments made by buyer, alongside sending buyer a message to arrange handover. Simply type your message in Add note section, ensure that it’s a Customer node and hit Add note. Your buyer will receive an email with a direct link to the conversation, so you can arrange collection, pickup or shipping.
  2. Perform the handover. Whether you want to deliver or have the plant picked up is up to you. Some sellers prefer to meet at an agreed meeting point instead of a private place.
  3. Complete the order on DearPlant.com by going to Dashboard, followed by Order. Click on the check mark symbol in the Action column to complete the order and receive your money if the buyer bought the plant online. The buyer will have the option of paying at handover as well, so it will be up to you to unsure the correct and agreed amount is being paid to you. Once Complete, Stripe will transfer the money to you, and you should receive an email regarding the transfer.
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