Frequently Asked Questions

In short, you setup a store, add your products and we take care all the technical details.

  1. You setup your store, add products, connect your stripe account and becoming a DearPlant seller.
  2. We provide marketing strategy based on targeted Ads, social media, and SEO optimisation.
  3. A Buyer make an order, which open a direct communication to get a delivery address
  4. After an order has been completed, your payment will be processed through Stripe or cash on delivery.

We are only registered in the United Kingdom to provide retail services (Company number: 13515346)

We left it up to the seller to add their delivery preference; whether they provide door delivery, pick up or shipment.

Yes, we offer local pickup and door delivery as well as shipping across the United Kingdom.

Stripe is our payment processor and they the best!

In order to complete your store setup, you will need a stripe account. Don’t worry, it is super easy!

Chargeback Protection uses Stripe Radar’s machine learning to block fraud and prevent disputes. We combine behavioural information and the power of the Stripe network to make real-time risk assessments and optimise checkout flows. Risky buyers may have to provide more information through Dynamic 3D Secure, while low-risk buyers enjoy a seamless checkout that maximises conversions. You only pay Chargeback Protection fees for successful payments.

During this beta version, there are no fees. However, Stripe might incur some fees.

We do not allow sellers to sell THC or other regulated plants. We review every listing to make sure it follows the laws of the United Kingdom.