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DearPlant lovers,

We all have a passion for plants. During lockdowns, we sought to bring more green friends to make us happier staying longer times indoors. Local garden centres offered limited options, so we turned to online plant shops. Unfortunately, most plants were shipped from a long distance and even from abroad. Our plants arrived after many days in shipments with excessive plastic packaging. Some plants did not make it during shipment, and others died soon after. Plants were even swapped by “mistake”. It was simply a hassle!

It was a moment of aspiration one evening walking down the street and checking many beautiful plants of all shapes and colours in house windows of our neighbourhood.

We thought that there might be people like us around willing to sell, buy or exchange some plants with no need to package or transport them which is not only bad for plants but also bad for the environment. We also love to talk about our plants with our friends, it is also nice to make new friends talking about our plants and offering practical advices. Our mission is to make it easy for plants and connect with other plant parents.

Thank you for joining our mission ?

Lise and Mo

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