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DearPlant Lovers,

We share your passion for houseplants! During the lockdowns, we found solace in adding more greenery to our homes, making our indoor spaces more lively and comforting. However, we noticed that local garden centres had limited options, so we tried online plant shops instead. Unfortunately, the experience wasn’t ideal—plants often arrived after lengthy journeys, encased in excessive plastic packaging, and some didn’t survive the trip. On top of that, plants were occasionally swapped by mistake. It was a frustrating ordeal!

One evening, while admiring the stunning array of houseplants displayed in our neighbours’ windows, we were inspired.

We knew there had to be others like us, eager to buy, sell, or exchange plants locally, without the need for packaging or long-distance shipping, which can be harmful to both plants and the environment. We also realised that we enjoyed chatting about our plants with friends and thought it would be wonderful to connect with new people who share our enthusiasm, exchanging practical advice and fostering friendships.

And so, our mission at DearPlant is to make it easy for plants to find new homes and for plant parents to connect with one another.

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey!

Warm regards,

Lise and Mo

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